Someday, the animal kingdom is going to revolt and beat every human in sight over the head with DVD cases. Honestly, we’re surprised it hasn’t happened already. For decades, filmmakers have made it common practice to turn the world’s innocent creatures, both big and small, into unbearable and degrading centerpieces for kid’s cinema.

This Friday, bunny rabbits across the land will hold their collective breath in anticipation of Hop’s critical reception. Just in time for the pre-Easter rush, Hop follows the shenanigans of E.B., a teenage bunny that dreams of becoming a rock star but is in line to take over the Easter Bunny mantle. As much as we like Russell Brand, who voices the rambunctious hare, we’re not ready to consult Fandango just yet. Call us unfair skeptics, but a movie about a talkative bunny with Brand’s diction and an inclination to bash his drumsticks on any hard surface sounds more like a prison sentence than a fun night out.

Even if we’re proven wrong and Hop is in the same league of badass movie animals as Rango, it won’t make us forget about past films that gave us similar feelings of apprehension only to fulfill the negativity tenfold. For E.B.’s sake, hopefully the bunny doesn’t piss us off as much as the inclusions on the following list of the 15 Most Obnoxious Movie Animals. Don’t let your pets read this, though; this could trigger a revolt sooner than we’d ever imagined.

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