Let's try a little optimism on for size. Imagine that you're hitched, right, and, as far as you can tell, the marriage is going well and wifey is never less than satisfied. Sounds ideal, right? Now, here comes the megaton bomb: while you're hard at work, she's banging the young landscaper, and then the dude who works at the laundromat, and possibly your best friend whenever she can find the time. Not so great anymore, huh? Well, buck up, partner, because what we've neglected to mention is that the old ball-and-chain just happens to look like a lovely movie star, so all's not lost, right? Kevin James' character in the new romantic comedy The Dilemma should adopt such an outlook; the film centers around his best friend, played by Vince Vaughn, who catches James' wife, a finely-aged Winona Ryder, cheating with a much younger guy (Channing Tatum). Ryder is attractive, but many way sexier heartbreakers have come before her. Grab a hanky, softies, and soften the blow of domestic obliteration with the 10 Hottest Cheating Movie Wives. Whether you use said hanky to wipe tears away or to clean up some other bodily mess is your own prerogative.

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