Dating as far back as Ancient Greece, the art of grappling with an opponent in a display of physical superiority has enthralled audiences for generations and evolved into a legitimate sport. Those times, however, are over. Ask anyone walking down the street what springs to mind when they think about wrestling and they’ll usually say three things: cage matches, bloodshed, and plastic bust lines.

That’s because Vince McMahon and his WWE empire took the competition out of wrestling and turned it into performance. Now it's mostly about barely-there costumes, flashy entrances, and ludicrous storylines. And, understandably, people simply love it. 

The children in our education system would have a better chance rattling off the names of the last twenty WWE champions as opposed to the last twenty presidents, and it’s likely that college students could write a more in-depth paper about Ric Flair than they could about George Patton.

Professional wrestlers have since stretched their wings beyond the ring and have slowly begun to take over other forms of media, such as the film industry. That's not a good thing. In order to celebrate the 58th birthday of the best pro wrestler of all time, “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan, we’re here to countdown the 15 Worst Performances From Wrestlers In Movies.