Director: Tom Shadyac
Stars: Robin Williams, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Daniel London, Monica Potter, Irma P. Hall, Bob Gunton

Patch Adams was a physician who believed that he could heal patients by making them laugh. A noble concept, indeed, and one that seems perfect for somebody like Robin Williams, who'll do anything short of bodily dismemberment in order to get chuckles out of audiences. Just watch one of his borderline manic appearances on late night talk shows.

In the Patch Adams movie, however, director Tom Shadyac and screenwriter Steve Oedekerk unwisely followed the leads of other biopics and drowned the film in sappy, cheeseball dramatics, which, in turn, prevented Williams from ever settling into the character's funny side. And whenever Williams does get to be humorous, the filmmakers rely on the worst facets of the funnyman actor's shtick, namely his most obnoxious, in-need-of-Ritalin hysterics.