Looking back on his resume, it’s hard to imagine that Colin Farrell was once pegged as Hollywood’s next big thing. Yet, flash back to the early 2000s, read some of the press that surrounded his movies and paparazzi-friendly social life, and you’ll be reminded of the Irish actor’s clout following his breakthrough performance in the Vietnam War drama Tigerland, released in 2000. After receiving a few prestigious honors, namely the London Film Critics Award for Newcomer of the Year, Farrell became the industry’s go-to guy for big studio fare. The possibilities for where his career could go were endless.

Eleven years later, though, he’s one of modern-day cinema’s biggest underachievers. It’s not right to say that he’s a failure—in the midst of his crappier movies, Farrell has done strong work in winning flicks such as Minority Report, The New World, and In Bruges. But, unfortunately, such noteworthy achievements have been overshadowed by his predominant slate of horrible films and off-screen antics (getting sloppy drunk, smashing tons of famous chicks, and other activities we wish were our daily routines).

Despite his shoddy track record, there’s still hope for Farrell, who’s by no means an old, washed-up sob story. Today is his birthday, and he’s only turning a youthful—in Hollywood terms—35 years old. So, we’re here to remind Farrell of his 10 worst movies, in hopes of instilling the fear of any more epic fails into his mind. Or, at the least, we’re about to blast a guy who’s sullied great potential and made us suffer through some truly awful films. The latter seems more appropriate.

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