It’s not often that a musician can transition to a filmmaking career so seamlessly, but in the case of RZA, it looks like his future as a movie director has about as much potential as anything he ever did in the rap game. And now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, he is lining up a biopic about Genghis Khan to direct in the near future. This news comes just days before his directorial debut, The Man With The Iron Fists, hits theaters.

Working off a script by John Milius, this Genghis Khan movie has been in production for years. The movie will focus on the life of the legendary, yet brutal, military leader, although we’re not sure which aspects it will revolve around. At one point Milius was even pegged to direct it with Mickey Rourke on as a lead, but things changed, and it looks like RZA will get a shot at it now.

This news was also followed by word that RZA’s next immediate project will be a crime drama called No Man’s Land. The movie will be about a man who steals another criminal’s diamond, but is shocked to find out that it’s far more valuable than he ever thought. And remember, he's still attached to direct an adaptation of Grant Morrison's comic book, Happy. If he can manage to pull off all three and succeed, he’ll easily become a powerhouse in Hollywood.

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