Original Air Date: December 5, 2009
Director: Arlene Sanford
Stars: Kristin Chenoweth, Josh Hopkins, Anna Chlumsky
Lesson Learned: Beefcake equals business.

Nope, you didn't read the title wrong. In the cheesiest-ever play on the beloved Christmas ballad, this 2009 Lifetime flick swaps out the partridges and golden rings in favor of half-naked dudes from Kalispell, MT.

In this case, they aren't gifts from someone's true love, but a crew of guys recruited to pose for a calendar devised to stimulate tourism in the town where recently-single publicist E.J. Baxter (Kristin Chenoweth) resides after discovering an affair between her boss and fiancé. (Damn, can't any of these chicks catch a break?) Don't worry, though. We'll leave it to you to guess which of the 12 chiseled studmuffins she ends up ringing in the new year with.