Everyone loves failure, as long as it's not happening to them personally. Why else would someone as obviously untalented as William Hung or Rebecca Black ever grab the music industry's collective attention? Or, on the movie front, how can an awful filmmaker like Uwe Boll keep releasing new flicks that consistently have genre film bloggers sharpening their figurative knives to review them? People enjoy basking in other folks' inefficiencies, whether it's by harmlessly laughing at the unskilled or recklessly bashing their efforts in critical forms.

For evidence that supports Complex's own guiltiness here, consult our list of The 50 Best Bad Movies. However, around these parts, male actors who continually underwhelm rarely ever receive the same kind of bad-meaning-good pass.

But pretty ladies whose acting chops routinely leave a lot to be desired? Toss "double standard" accusations all you want—if she looks sexy while failing on screen, leniency is unquestionably granted. And these women, The 50 Hottest Bad Actresses of All Time will forever receive the benefits of our doubts, bless their sadly (and in some cases, mostly) ungifted souls.

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