If there's one thing the human race will never suffer from, it's a shortage of ways to get fucked up. Partying is a practice that dates back to the dawn of time, and one that'll no doubt outlast us all as friends find wilder, crazier, and more creative ways of enjoying one another's company. No one, however, has been quite as ahead of the pack when it comes to unconventional raging as teenagers.

The latest case in point? A slew of recent headlines shocking parents with the question, "Is your teen getting drunk on hand sanitizer?" Apparently, red Solo cups and ping pong balls aren't the only party props you can pick up at CVS.

That said, having to hide the Purell from your kid brother or sister is really the least of your worries. Every couple of months or so, news stations everywhere catch wind of a new "Dangerous Teen Trend!" that makes the last look like child's play. Then again, with reports of kids that can't even getting into an R-rated movie sipping vodka via their eyeballs and passing around bowls of prescription drugs like Cheetos, child's play clearly isn't what it used to be.

Whether the media is causing hysteria over isolated incidents or teenagers really are, in fact, idiots that like to get high off of poop, the list of epidemics taking over schools is as laughable as it is expansive. Get your fix here with our list of The 10 Most Ridiculous "Dangerous Teen Trends."

Written by Lauren Otis (@LaurNado)

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