It's no secret that the spell this show cast over the world in 2009 has been broken for some time now. As the drama and fights have gone stale over time, so have the ratings. Last season, the show's fifth, saw a significant decline in viewers of the series for the first time since it premiered. Though the numbers are still high, especially for a cable network, it's still never a good sign when people start changing the channel.

We can't blame them, though. While the fourth season was bad, the fifth season was just one entirely boring clusterfuck. Snooki seemed to have toned down her crazy in an effort to keep then-boyfriend and current-fiancé/babydaddy Jionni happy; Deena spent most of the time complaining about how she's the only single one in the house anymore and making weird noises like "merrr" to convey her grievances; Vinny took off for a few episodes to "recoupe" which really just means that the producers felt the episodes were getting a little too boring so they decided to inject some pointless drama into the mix even though it's obvious he's under contract; and The Situation was so obsessed with making everyone believe that Snooki had cheated on Jionni with him that we began to worry for his sanity.

Never thought we'd say this, but it all sort of made us miss the days of Angelina a little bit.

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