It's the film community's natural, set order: With the good (i.e., the 25 best movies of 2012 so far) always comes the bad. On the positive side, though, the first six months of the new year haven't been that weak at all, giving us plenty more quality flicks than dreadful ones. To put the point into a deeper context, it's worth noting that trimming our list of the best movies down to a manageable 25 was a difficult task, but the flipside countdown was much easier to compile, due to a smaller number of worthy options.

Still, the dreck that has infected multiplexes across the land equates to some of the most brutalizing cinema in recent years. Stricken with catatonic acting, idiotic scripts, and, in one particularly heinous case, a literally non-existent ending, our picks for The 10 Worst Movies Of 2012 (So Far) are bad enough to almost leave us feeling bad for being so harsh toward The Hangover: Part II, last year's crown jewel of foulness—the operative word being "almost."

Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)

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