There is nothing more tragic than a fallen hero turned villain. It's one of the longest standing tropes in literature, film, and gaming. Most of the time though, they aren't so wickedly hot. That's right, the biggest baddy of the ladies is Sarah Kerrigan, Queen of Blades. Once, one of the most elite Terran psychic agents in the whole Starcarft mythology, she tragically gives her life at the closing of the first game. She's then reincarnated as the Zerg/Human hybrid and goes on to take total control of the Zerg swarm. The depth, vulnerability and complexity of the character is what makes Kerrigan queen baddie of them all. She combines all of the traits of the bad girl: sexy, damaged and evil. What other woman could overthrow the Overmind of the Zerg empire and threaten the entire universe with utter destruction? I'd call that marriage material right there.