Network: MTV
Stars: Mike Judge
Premiere Date: October 27
Why we’re excited: At last month’s San Diego Comic-Con, geeks worldwide rejoiced over the latest comic book news and superhero movie breaks, but, really, there was only one major announcement, aided by the above sneak peek footage, that flipped our lids: After 14 years off the air, Beavis And Butt-Head have returned. Starting on October 27th, popular culture’s most shameless targets will get assaulted with a barrage of immaturely sexual innuendos and “fart knocker” jokes. For all those who grew up during the mid-'90s, the Great Cornholio is about to make the world a much better, and funnier, place.

In a stroke of formatting genius, series creator Mike Judge and MTV will alter the original show’s music video interludes, during which Beaver and Butt-Hole (right, Coach Buzzcut?) would skewer awful music and fawn over heavy metal clips; now, the boys will rip apart music visuals and YouTube videos and scenes from MTV’s reality shows, such as Jersey Shore and Teen Mom.

Which means we’ll get to hear Butt-head comment on Snooki’s “Hook-Up Board” with, “This is like a family tree, if your family was made of whores.” Welcome back, fellas.

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