When we started planning See You Next Year, we had no idea what was possible. This was Pigeons & Planes’ first attempt at making a proper compilation album. It’s something we’ve always wanted to do, but requesting original songs from rising artists is a big ask, especially for a project with no track record.

From the beginning, we knew we wanted See You Next Year to be all about the future. That’s what Pigeons & Planes has been interested in since day one: thinking forward, looking for what’s next in music, and championing artists who are taking risks and acts we believe have the chance to shape the culture of tomorrow. This isn’t a lineup of the hottest acts out right now, or the biggest names we could get. This is a reflection of where we believe music is heading, and only time will tell.

The second thing we knew is that we needed a roster of artists who showcased the genreless mindset that we and so many other music fans hold sacred. This isn’t a rap album, or an indie album, or a pop album. It’s a little bit of everything, sometimes all at once.

Putting together this project took months of behind-the-scenes work, and a lot of challenges that we’ll get into another time. But as far as getting the artists we wanted, that part was surprisingly easy. Keep in mind: these artists agreed to be a part of this project before we even had Mike Dean on board as executive producer. We appreciate it. Thank you to each and every one of these artists for their trust and for being open to a project that means so much to us. The inaugural See You Next Year class is a group of artists that we’ve been huge fans of since we first discovered them, and that we know are just getting started.

And thank you to Big.Ass.Kids. for helping bring this to life, the ADA team for their support, plus all the managers, creatives, and even the lawyers for making this project possible. We can’t wait to share this album, but to kick it off, here’s an introduction to the lineup of artists featured on the first ever installation of See You Next Year. See you soon.

Pre-save See You Next Year here, and check out Mike Dean’s new album intro track below.

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