It’s rare to see so much of somebody and still know so little about them.

Yet, that’s Teezo Touchdown, who has made the last three weeks a never-ending maze in an attempt to learn bits and pieces of information—half the time, anything—about a man who has monopolized our Twitter feeds with a barrage of mammoth-sized chains, ‘70s lingo that few have dared to touch since the turn of the century, a Rick James Street Songs-era leather combat vest, and three rambunctious singles in the span of a month. The songs range from impassioned singer-songwriter tunes to the nameless diss track of the year, and they share few sonic similarities.

They do have something in common, though. They come from the brilliant mind of Teezo, a Beaumont, Texas native who would never consider doing anything less than extraordinary. That includes interviews.

This feature was never going to be a standard 15-minute Zoom call to add to the promotional cycle. No, instead for Teezo—who doesn’t reveal his legal name or age outside of his now-regrettable early moniker Teezo Suave—this discussion was an extension of his three latest singles: The bad-ass guitar-wailing “SUCKA!,” the mellow riffed-out “Strong Friend,” and the inventive croon-rap punch of “Careful.” He treated this press opportunity with as much care as his outlandish roll-outs, including that interview with TRL’s Carson Daly and all of those scripted messages to fans filmed in front of what he still won’t admit is his graffiti-plastered garage in Texas (it could be anybody’s, honestly).

Teezo learned how to do all this—producing, recording and editing—on his own. Not because he wanted to, that came later. It was out of necessity. “It comes when you’re in a room by yourself and your resources are limited,” Teezo later told me. “So you just DIY and put what you have together with the skills that you’ve learned and put it into what you’re doing.”

Teezo Touchdown has touched down. And for our interview, if that’s even what it is at this point, he channeled his inner Waterboy and went way, way, way past the endzone. He’s in a whole 'nother stadium.

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