Teezo Touchdown and his entourage—a group of men dressed up as construction workers—are looking back at his career. Literally.

Music video props and personal keepsakes have been chaotically packed into boxes at Gotham Mini Storage in Manhattan, a couple of blocks away from Madison Square Garden. When we arrive at the storage locker on a Sunday afternoon in mid-March, Teezo is only an hour away from playing his first of two back-to-back shows at the nearby arena in support of headliner Tyler, the Creator.

From the outside, the locker looks like it could be anyone’s. There are no obvious giveaways that it belongs to Teezo, and I luckily don’t step on any of the nails that he usually wears in his hair. Inside, the walls are lined with 50 rotating fans from the “I’m Just a Fan” music video, football pads from his first live performances, flame-embroidered boots, and an unopened box of what he thinks might be edibles from Madonna. The contents of the locker double as an archive of his career so far, including hundreds of Teezo’s signature yellow sticky notes, inked with positive messages like, “You’re the biggest star ever.”

The Beaumont, Texas artist promises me that he and his boys (creative director Austyn Sux and photographer/actor Jacob Ford) are only at the storage facility to grab a couple things, but it begins to feel like our mission holds deeper meaning. After a few years of sharing wildly unpredictable, genre-defying songs, and leaving the internet scratching their heads about the guy who wears nails on his own head, Teezo finds himself on an arena tour with one of the most popular artists on the planet, and he’s ready to show me his highlight reel. But I soon realize we aren’t looking for any particular prop or memory. In a sense, we’re looking for Teezo Touchdown.