There's yet another exciting new wave of talent bubbling up in Atlanta right now, moving beyond trap and taking rap in unique and compelling directions. Wesson's output is currently confined to SoundCloud, but the variety of ideas, flows, beats, and styles on display is enough to mark him out as an essential rising artist.

It's been a while since he released new music, but the last three tracks all have almost endless replay value and show a different side of Wesson. "Dirty Dan" is the most in-your-face of the three, with an effortless flow over haunted house of a beat while "22" and "Let's Ride Our Heelies to the Cosmos" show Wesson's control of melody and ability to hold attention over slow, dreamy production. His upcoming music is sounding great too, so keep a close eye on Wesson for the rest of 2019 and beyond.

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