"Margaret's Hymn," the debut single from Los Angeles-based artist Deborah's Child, is a trip. It starts off with rapping over a lethargic beat before snapping into a sing-along chorus suited for a fuck-you anthem. From there, layers of bouncing keys and gentle melodies catch fire with potent attitude and lo-fi sensibilities. It's a disorienting hodgepodge of a song, but it's one we can't stop going back to. Based off this introduction, it's impossible to predict where Deborah's Child might take things next, but if the next experiment is as odd and audacious as "Margaret's Hymn," we're here for it.

"The melodies come natural to me but I try to be very sensitive to how they influence the bigger picture of the song," Deborah's Child says. "I love to mess with people’s expectations. It’s like, 'I know you can get into this, but what if we go here?'"

On her upcoming EP, she explains, "The EP is a collage of all the people I’ve been—child, adult, and the weird ones in between. It’s like all those people got together over the course of a few months and tried to make something big and loud and beautiful and hopefully enjoyable."

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