YK Osiris has been a good sport about the internet clowning him recently, but he isn’t too thrilled about his latest misfortune. 

As he shared on his Instagram Stories late Sunday night, Osiris’ car was broken into on Christmas weekend, with a vandal or vandals taking off with what he estimates was $5,000 worth of clothes.

The “Worth It” singer posted a clip and images of his vehicle to show fans what he was greeted with at the scene, including some smashed-out windows.

“Dumb ass n***as wanna break in my shit, man,” Osiris said in one clip. “Y’all n***as dumb, man. Y’all n***as so dumb, y’all took like $5,000 worth of clothes, n***a. Come on, man. Y’all n***as players, baby.”

YK clarified in another upload that he’s “not even mad but damn.” 

The robbery marks another disappointment for the singer, who has notably been paying off his debts to Lil Baby, Drake, and other MCs for who knows what. In a recent clip taking place in Drizzy’s home, YK had to sing his hit “Worth It” to eliminate his $60,000 debt to Drake—a loan-forgiveness plan that only a Certified Lover Boy would offer. 

“[Drake] said if I sing, my 60k I owe him is clear lol 😂 welp‼️‼️ I had to clear that debt,” Osiris wrote in a caption. “This what happens when u owe 60,000 🤦‍♂️. The real shit doe.”

That money may go a long way, as now Osiris is offering $60,000 to whoever returns a missing earring he bought in a pair for $325,000. “I really lost one of my earrings, I’m sick,” he wrote on his IG Stories last week. “Please if anybody finds my other earring, can you return them please? I’m never getting another pair again. I can’t believe this shit.”

Here’s to hoping his diamond stud and five-grand worth of threads all make a return soon.