Watch Drake Make YK Osiris Perform "Worth It" to Pay Off His $60K Debt

Drake hilariously made YK Osiris perform his song "Worth It" for him at his home after the OVO rapper revealed that Osiris owes his $60,000.

YK Osiris on stage performing.

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YK Osiris on stage performing.

YK Osiris either needs a financial advisor or better luck, or both, because the rapper has found himself having to pay off another one of his famous friends, this time opting to perform for Drake rather than pay him what he owes.

The encounter went down at Drake’s house, where the OVO rapper confronted Osiris and gave him an ultimatum: he could either pay him back the $60,000 he owes or perform his song “Worth It” for Drizzy. Osiris, of course, chose the latter and it resulted in a hilarious video that he posted to his Instagram.

“😂😂😂 @champagnepapi said if I sing , my 60k I owe him is clear lol 😂 welp ‼️‼️ I had to clear that debt,” Osiris wrote in the caption. “This what happens when u owe 60,000 🤦‍♂️. “The real shit doe “😂😂😂”

In another video talking about the situation, YK said, “I really ain’t wanna give you that $60,000. I owe $60,000? I didn’t want to give you that 60, like you don’t need 60. That’s 1 car note...”

It’s unclear what kind of wager Osiris could have lost that resulted in him owing Drake $60,000, but it might be the same kind of bet that had him in the red with Lil Baby. Last week Osiris was at the center of another viral moment when footage surfaced of Baby asking him for the $5,000 that he was owed.

In the video, Baby is going shopping and half-jokingly half-not asks YK Osiris for the $5,000 he owes him. Osiris deflects for a while but eventually concedes and says he’ll get Baby the money he’s apparently owed since April.

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