Yella Beezy taps the talented Erica Banks to help him tackle his new single, "Star." 

For this song, Beezy and Erica take on a beat laced with a sample of "Da Butt" from the iconic Experience Unlimited go-go band. Throughout the song, Beezy makes it clear that his new celebrity status hasn't changed much but the address on his mail. 

"40 on my lap, pussy nigga what's a car jack/Chopper in the Lambo, that's a lamb chop," he raps. "Young nigga having it still hanging with the have nots/Rolling 6-0, in a 6-4/Got some young niggas still quick to pull a kick door." Banks slides in perfectly with a quick verse that further proves why she's someone to keep on your radar. 

Like the Dallas native, Yella Beezy, Banks is from nearby DeSoto, Texas. She caught the world's attention when her song "Buss It" sparked a viral challenge that took over TikTok and spilled into other realms of social media. Now, she's using features like her appearance on "Star" to keep applying pressure. 

Check out Yella Beezy's "Star" featuring Erica Banks below and watch the music video for the track up top.