It’s been nearly two years since Klay Thompson last tasted NBA action, but that hasn’t stopped the Golden State Warrior from living his best life.

Thompson took to Instagram on Saturday to give fans a glimpse of what he’s been up to while on his road to recovery. During an Instagram Live session, Klay rapped along to Drake’s 2018 Scorpion cut “Mob Ties” while commandering his boat in the open water. After referencing the friendly beef the pair of competitors had during the 2019 NBA Finals, Thompson congratulated Drizzy on being named Billboard’s Artist of the Decade

Hours after the video went viral, Drake decided to troll Thompson with a side-by-side recreation of him imitating “Boat Klay.”

The viral video is just the latest back-and-forth between Drake and Klay. 

Leading up to the 2019 NBA Finals, which saw Klay’s Warriors take on Drake’s Raptors, Thompson joked that he wouldn’t be listening to The Boy’s “soft, R&B songs” during the series.

A few days later, after Golden State stole Game 2 in Toronto, footage captured the pair trash talking in the bowels of the arena. “See you in the Bay, Aubrey,” Thompson said in the clip. “Weren’t talking tonight were ya? With your bum ass.” A grinning Drake responded, “You played nice tonight.”

Drake got his revenge following Toronto’s Game 3 win, posting a picture on Instagram of a shirtless, Thompson, whose eyes were glazed over, seemingly enjoying himself in the company of three women. “Stay golden my friends… goodnight,” Drake wrote, followed by several laughing emojis.

Let’s hope this is only the beginning of a great bromance.