Life as Rihanna would presumably never include any instances of being tasked with proving identity. Rihanna, after all, is Rihanna.

In footage that has gone viral this week, however, the Fenty Beauty founder is seen experiencing exactly that. 

On Wednesday night, Twitter user @lgforkman expressed shock at having witnesses a bouncer “try to not let Rihanna into a bar for not having ID.” Not long after this expression of shock, a clip was shared by @skylaristired that showed a bouncer at Barcade in New York.

By Rihanna’s side is ASAP Rocky, who recently deemed the multi-hyphenate creator the “love of my life” and “the one.” In one clip, Rocky is seen appearing to plead with the bouncer after being stopped prior to entry. Notable, of course, is the presence of (extremely bright) paparazzi camera flashes and general commotion most likely spurred by the presence of two people who are clearly Rihanna and ASAP Rocky.

Though it’s hard to decipher what is being said in the footage, it appears the ID-related concern is focused solely on Rihanna, which is why Rocky is seen pleading with the bouncer.

Despite what some reports have claimed, Rihanna and Rocky were ultimately able to secure entry into Barcade, resulting in additional footage of this variety:

Below, see how the identity-questioning moment went down, as well as how fans have reacted to the ensuing clips.

Meanwhile, the world still awaits the unveiling of Rihanna’s new album. The album, commonly referred to as R9, will mark Rihanna’s first since 2016’s instaclassic Anti.