Though you surely don’t need reminding, it has indeed been more than five years since Rihanna gifted the world with her eighth full-length studio album Anti.

And while fans or others attempting to rush any artist to do anything is never an admirable approach, the Fenty founder was quick to respond when asked about the possibility of impending new music on Wednesday.

In the comments of an Instagram post from Rihanna celebrating the Anti era and thanking all who helped bring that lauded period of her career to life, one fan suggested further celebration by way of dropping a new song.

“I think I should soon,” Rihanna responded to Instagram user @scxwithari. Shortly after, she added “just 1 tho lol.”

Image via Instagram

This year is looking good in terms of its potential to include some much-needed new Rihanna music.

Within the first few hours of the new year, Rihanna—celebrating the kickoff of 2021 with an IG post—responded to a fan’s suggestion that her resolution should be “releasing the album” with a simple (but potentially prophetic) “2021 energy.”

The album in question, often referred to by both fans and Rihanna alike under the working title R9, has been in progress for several years now. Way back in 2018, Rolling Stone dropped a piece in which a source close to the project alleged there were as many as 500 records vying for the final tracklist at the time.

Earlier this month, fans were excited to learn of another potential facet of Rihanna’s Fenty enterprise. Rihanna’s company Roraj Trade LLC was reported to have filed a new Fenty Hair trademark application, meaning Fenty Hair could become the newest division of the multi-hyphenate’s brand.