Uncle Murda released his annual “Rap Up” song on Saturday, where he reminisces on some of the biggest moments of 2021. 

Clocking in at nearly 14 minutes, “Rap Up 2021” sees Uncle Murda take shots at Lil Nas X, Tyler, the Creator, and many more.

The Brooklyn native opens the track rapping, “Lil Nas X gon catch aids and die like Eazy E/Hope the LGBTQ don’t cancel me/Like they tryna stop DaBaby from gettin’ paid/When he was talkin’ bout how they be givin’ each other aids.”

From there, Murda throws jabs at Tyler for trolling DJ Khaled after he earned another No. 1 album over the super-producer: “Who the fuck be listenin’ to Tyler, Creator music?/That’s when DJ Khaled said ‘Y’all know he don’t like losing’/How he get the number 1 album over Khaled/When he be out here tossin’ other n****s silent.”

Elsewhere, “Rap Up 2021” sees the East New York rapper lend his support to Dave Chappelle and Bill Cosby. 

“Thеy hated on Dave Chappellе but couldn’t stop him/Netflix was like if you don’t like it don’t watch him/Bill Cosby came home I’m glad he doin’ well/Honestly I thought Bill was gon die in jail.”

Stream Uncle Murda’s wildly controversial “Rap Up 2021” now on all major platforms.