The Game has no shortage of confidence. But instead of reminding people that he’s a pillar in West Coast hip-hop, the Compton rapper decided to show his affinity for other artists. 

On Thursday evening, Game showed his Twitter followers the ten best rappers on the planet in his opinion. Coming in first is the God MC, Jay-Z. Hov is followed by one of Game’s stylistic inspirations, Nas. Lil Wayne takes the bronze medal while Eminem and fellow Compton native Kendrick Lamar round out the top 5.

On the back end, Game starts off with Snoop Dogg. He then shows love to Drake, Andre 3000, J. Cole, and everybody’s current favorite, Lil Baby. Yet, this rare ray of humility didn’t shine for too long. Game made it clear towards the end of his post that he’s willing to go head up with all of these rappers if they ever wanted to enter a lyrical sparring match. 

“My top ten best rappers alive list in order (Not including myself),” he wrote. “(And by the way, I’ll go bar for bar with anybody on this list).”

Judging by his list, The Game will be pleased to know that J. Cole is plotting his return. The Dreamville General revealed to his fans that his new album, Off-Season, is dropping next week.