Moms, mamas, mommas, mothers: They’ve been the rocks in our lives and the go-to shout out when just about anyone makes an appearance on TV. They stand as our biggest protectors (showcased recently by Meek Mill’s mother Kathy Williams writing a letter asking for her son’s release from prison), our biggest motivators, our No. 1 annoyances, and, thanks to the Migos, they’ve become one of the most iconic ad-libs of all-time.

Throughout entertainment, moms have been constant muses, either providing the foundation for a song or propping up the artist who would go on to make it. For every Eminem song lamenting on the trials of dealing with a mother, there are 20 more tracks from artists painstakingly taking the time to detail each and every thing that their mother has done for them.

Just like we don’t need Valentine’s Day to show love, we don’t need Mother’s Day to remind us that moms are symbols of light in our lives—but it sure doesn’t hurt. And while it’s always fun to cop your mom something fresh to show appreciation, this time of year also serves as a perfect time to reflect on the impact the moms in our lives have had on us. The nurturing power of their influence and affection can’t be understated, and it’s why there’s a whole subgenre of music dedicated to honoring their actions.

There are plenty of mom tracks to go around, so it can be a little hard to pinpoint which ones exactly do the best job of procuring the proper emotions surrounding our memories and appreciation for our mothers. To make things easier, we’ve sifted through some of the best hip-hop tracks about them, from Drake to Kanye, and Lil B to Jay-Z.

Without further ado, here are the 15 best rap songs about moms.