Meek Mill's battles with the Philadelphia justice system continue, and despite new reports of internal corruption from the city's District Attorney's office and support from Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, he remains incarcerated. Back in November, Meek was charged with 2 to 4 years for violating his probation following a 2007 arrest, and since then, his mother, Kathy Williams, has had to watch in anguish as more details of the alleged corruption behind her son's sentencing were revealed. Now, she is pleading to the justice system as a whole so that her son might walk free again.

Williams addresses her letter to "Lady Justice," which includes a heartfelt and sorrowful plea for her son, while also discussing the failures of the system in bringing fair trials to its citizens. Billboard provided an edited transcript of her letter which can be read in full here.

In the letter, Williams says, "The justice system has failed my son at every turn and hasn’t let go. You, Lady Justice, have allowed corruption at the highest levels of the system, and cruelty and spite have cast doubt on your very foundation. You are supposed to balance fairness and blindly always do what’s right, yet injustice has taken 11 years of our lives." She speaks as a mother who has had to watch her child waste years of his life behind bars, and then live with "emotional and physical" scarring from the entire ordeal.

She closes out her letter with one last plea for "Lady Justice" so that she may act under the guidance of the Philadelphia DA and Governor to release Meek. "Each time I talk to my son, he gives me the strength to carry on and promises me that upon his release he will fight for other men whose voices are not heard. Give him that chance."