What makes a great R&B video? Charisma. Choreography. Sensuality. The kind of moving image that becomes impossible to shake every time you hear a song. In the '90s, R&B music videos were in their prime, and just as compelling as the gangster rap epics that dominated much of the decade. R&B artists had to step up with classic clips that might not have been as uptempo as everything else on MTV, but still evoked feelings of love and left people wanting to see them again the second they ended.

The era yielded endless sets of iconic imagery, the influence of which still persists to this day. Some heavyweights absolutely dominated this golden era of rhythm and blues visuals, while others made a brief, but grand, impression and faded away. Whether you're getting ready to argue this, or getting ready to bump-and-grind, these are The Best R&B Videos of the 90s for you to play for any occasion.