Syd and Smino bring their melodic abilities together on the new song “Right Track.”

Syd shared a pic of the two together and an animation of the cover art following its release.

Syd and Smino are guided by strings and snares as they each talk about how they plan to bring their relationships to the next level.

“Baby, I’ma need your trust, if we’re gonna be in love/ Picture you and me in love, I just wanna see you love/ Tell me if it’s all too much,” Syd croons in the opening verse of the song. “Right Track” comes after The Internet member dropped two other songs, “Missing Out” and “Fast Car,” earlier this year. “Missing Out” was, for all intents and purposes, the opposite of “Right Track” in a few ways, acting as more of an anti-Valentines Day ballad more than anything. “Fast Car,” on the other hand, aligns more with this new song, with Syd saying in a statement,  “I wanted to make something for the gay Black girls. I want them to see themselves in this and in me.”

Along with the release of “Right Track,” Syd announced that she’ll be having her only concert this year for free with the LA Phil, conducted by Anthony Parnther, at The Ford on September 22nd.

Listen to Syd’s new song “Right Track” featuring Smino down below and check out the video up top.