Snoop Dogg’s daughter, Cori Broadus, took to Instagram over the weekend, where she opened up about her mental health struggles over the last few weeks, revealing that she tried to take her own life.

“The last few weeks my mental has not been so great at one point I tried to end my life but you & my family really give me a purpose to live & helped me realize Iife is much more than materialistic things & you gotta just keep pushing through the bullshit,” she wrote. 

It appears the “you” who has helped Cori in her time of need is her boyfriend, Wayne Deuce, who is seen in several pictures in the above post. Wayne also shared the same series of photos in his own post on Instagram, along with a note on a chalkboard easel in which he wrote, “I love you Princess. This time is about us getting our minds right for a better and healthier lifestyle. We riding til the end.” 

Both of their posts conclude with the Mental Health Awareness hashtag. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, which aims to help people understand and normalize the existence of mental illnesses among millions of people living in the United States. According to Mental Health America, the organization that started this monthly observation in 1949, one in every five American adults will have a diagnosable mental health condition in any given year. 

Mental health issues have come to the forefront in wake of COVID-19. MHA Screenings taken from January 2020 to September found that over eight in 10 people who took the anxiety screen scored with moderate to severe symptoms, while more than eight in 10 people scored with moderate to severe symptoms of depression consistently since the start of the pandemic. 

The theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Month is “You Are Not Alone,” a statement that reinforces the reality that mental illnesses are more common than some people might think, and something that people shouldn’t feel stigmatized by, especially as we collectively deal with the aftermath of the pandemic, and what that means for our personal and professional lives.