It has become a TikTok trend for people to have older family members rate celebrities and artists. For one user’s grandmother’s harsh assessments caught the attention of a few rappers she critiqued.

On Wednesday, Snoop Dogg posted a video of a grandma rating rappers. Throughout the clip, she hands out harsh grades until it comes to the Doggfather. Instead of suffering a fate similar to Drake—who’s given a 0/10—Snoop breaks her scale.

“15!” she exclaimed when asked to place Snoop on a scale of 1 to 10.

While Snoop was her favorite, a lot of other artists weren’t as lucky. The grandmother rated Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Durk a 0/10, gave Lil Baby a 5/10 because he has dimples, and decided DaBaby only deserved a 1/10.

After Snoop shared the clip with his followers, DaBaby hopped into the comments to plead his case to the stern granny. 

“Damn gma,” DaBaby commented on the post captioned “Granny Rated.” “Yeen got no love for baby?”

This video is similar to a clip that went viral in May 2020. TikTok user Odedra Scrivens showed her grandmother pictures of famous artists like Dave East, Chris Brown, A$AP Rocky, and more. Her hilarious reactions turned the interaction into internet gold.