Snoop Dogg Working as a YouTube Employee Is Our Favorite Snoop Dogg

Everything is better with a little Snoop Dogg.

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YouTube has enlisted Snoop Dogg for their latest innovation appropriately titled, "Snoopavision." The service finally gives its users what they've been asking for: the option to watch every video in 360 degrees with Snoop Dogg. As Preeya Khanna, the site's 360 degree product manager, perfectly puts it, "Finally, you can combine 360 immersive viewing with the pioneer in West Coast G-Funk hip hop."

Of course, this is all in celebration of April Fool's Day, which is basically the new "brands go viral" day. The video-sharing giant rarely passes up an opportunity to participate in pranks. In the past, they Rickrolled users and created their #newtrends feature. Still, it's hard not to be in a good mood when Snoop says things like he “coded the hell out of this software" or “this technology is so immersive that sometimes, man, I forget if I’m in a video or real life.” Honestly, Snoop is the Internet gift that keeps on giving. Watch Snoop single-handedly improve technology above and then revisit his epic narration of a squirrel and snake fight.

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