Closing out the cycle for his debut EP God Don’t Sleep, Toronto rapper and OVO affiliate Riicch is premiering his latest music video “On Roads” with Complex Canada.

The gritty track accelerates across a UK drill beat while Riicch’s flow exudes an unbreakable spirit—one that has faced major familial loss but has not been shaken by it.

“‘On Roads’ represents a confident attitude toward all the doubters and struggles I’ve faced since losing my brother,” explains Riicch. “He’d definitely be proud of me as I continue to stay even keel through all jealousy, judgment, and distractions since his death.”

Riich’s brother, Anthony ‘Fif’ Soares, was brutally shot dead in September, 2017 while waiting to be buzzed into a Toronto Community Housing building. Drake, whom Soares was close friends with, since memorialized him via a ‘FOREVER FIFE’ tattoo and a tribute photo on the back of his 2019 project Dark Lane Demo Tapes.

Riicch has taken it upon himself to not only tell his own story about succeeding past life on the streets, but doing so while proudly carrying the torch of his brother’s legacy.

A haunting, lucid piano lurches in the background as Riicch opens “On Roads” with “I was on roads/While men dem was counting sheeps,” as a red hue bleeds across his face and car throughout the music video. “God don’t sleep/He seen that I’m in too deep,” boasts Riicch, signifying that any negative judgment thrown at his way will simply slide off with ease.