For a little under a year now, mononymed producer NICOLAS has been putting out a series of singles that could loosely be described as lo-fi house. Often compared to the likes of DJ Seinfeld or Ross From Friends, NICOLAS’ creations are often steeped in nostalgia, wistfully looking back to the generation that came before.

For his latest offering, “High Speed”, he takes that one step further, examining the vast changes that have taken place over the past decade plus and how that’s affected our relationships, the way we view the past, and even the way view ourselves. It’s a lot to pack into what is essentially a club track, but through restrained, pitched-down vocals, melancholic synths and subtle minor keys, it’s a deft blend of the club-ready and the bittersweet.

Speaking more on some of those themes, NICOLAS shares, “‘High Speed’ is an interrogation on our society and the impact we have on our ever-changing world. Did we push too far ? Is It already too late to stop and turn around? Sometimes I feel like the fast paced digital universe we live in is too complex for us to understand, for us to stay in control, if we’ve ever really been in control before.”

“High Speed” is the second single to be taken from NICOLAS’ upcoming second project, EP Two, which is due for release later in the year.