Nicki Minaj took to Instagram Live on Tuesday afternoon to discuss her new partnership with Amazon to bring her popular Queen Radio to the streamer’s new Amp app. She also was joined by Joe Budden and talked about her issues with men degrading Black women and more.

Minaj teased the news on Twitter before going on IG Live later in the day.

“I am very excited to be partners with Amazon on bringing back Queen Radio,” Nicki said at the beginning of her live, which you can watch in full below. “Queen Radio is something that is so dear to my heart. Of course, there have been times where I’ve thought about not wanting to do Queen Radio, or any radio for that matter, but why not?”

Minaj went on to explain that she will be bringing back the popular show on Amazon’s new free live radio app Amp. Users will be able to curate their music, play it for listeners, and interact with them, all things Minaj is prompting her fans to do by downloading the beta version that is currently available in the United States. The rapper also teased doing her first official show on April 8. In addition to Minaj, Amazon’s Amp is also partnering with Pusha T, Tinashe, Travis Barker, and Big Boi.

Later on in the live, Joe Budden joined and the two talked about why men shouldn’t feel so emboldened to say negative things about a woman’s appearance.

Although she didn’t clarify exactly who she was talking about, at one point during the chat, Minaj referenced “the podcast clown” who has been speaking ill of Black women. Minaj closed her thought by saying she loves Black men as well and hopes more positivity can be spread by blogs.

Budden also revealed that his interview with Minaj will be dropping on his Patreon early Wednesday morning, and to his public YouTube channel in the afternoon.