On Thursday night, as the music world was preparing for Lil Baby’s new album to drop, Nicki Minaj was prepping for war. It always somehow comes back to this. Nicki Minaj was understandably upset yesterday when she learned that her massive single “Super Freaky Girl” will reportedly not be considered for hip-hop categories at the Grammys; it will be in the running for Best Pop Solo Performance instead. Then she brought Latto into it for some reason—and everything went left after that. 

Nicki decided to project her frustration about the possible Grammy nomination snub toward Latto by saying that if “Super Freaky Girl” doesn’t get acknowledged, neither should other pop-adjacent rap songs like her “Genius of Love”-sampled track, “Big Energy.” Nicki asserted that anyone who thinks otherwise is just a “Nicki hater or a troll.” 

It goes without saying that a confused Latto logged into Twitter last night; she mentioned she didn’t respond to Minaj publicly until she revealed that she had tried to have a private conversation with her. That’s when all hell broke loose, with both rappers sending shots on the timeline while many fans were still confused as to why Nicki was upset at Latto in the first place. It turns out, some cited subliminal tweets that Latto made a week prior to that could have been directed at Minaj.

With the timeline finally calm (for the moment) and many of the tweets now deleted, here is a brief timeline of the feud that erupted between Nicki Minaj and Latto.