It’s been roughly a year since the release of Moses Boyd’s exceptional debut album, Dark Matter, and the award-winning jazz musician is back with a wholly new version of one of the album’s highlights, “2 Far Gone”, calling on the room-filling vocals of Katy B to aid him.

The original was a swirling vortex of layered, percussive rhythms that climaxed with a skittish piano line from composer and producer Joe Armon-Jones—a clear highlight in one of 2020’s best albums. The new version stays largely faithful to the original, but swaps out Armon-Jones’ nimble keys for Katy’s voice, playing up the track’s club potential and making the shuddering bass line and her alluring, club-ready vocals the two stars of the show.

“I’m really honoured to link up with Moses on this remix to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Dark Matter,” says Katy B, who makes her return after a five-year hiatus. “Such a fan of Moses and the album, so really excited to be part of it. The lyric ‘Too far gone’ felt like something that you’re trying to hold on to but too much has happened to be saved. The instrumental has such an energy and drive but also a darkness and drama to it so I wanted to explore that feeling of an internal battle, trying to find a way to let go.”

Moses adds that he was “so glad” this collaboration could happen, and sends “much love to the legend Katy B for featuring on this version.”

Hopefully this isn’t the last time the pair work together.