Young Milwaukee rapper Big Wan, born Dawan Turner, was shot and killed Friday morning at the age of 19. The Milwaukee police department delivered the tragic news.

According to the homicide report, gunfire erupted at around 9 a.m. into Wan’s residence, where he was shot several times and died on the scene. While Wan’s death is being ruled a homicide, the Milwaukee PD does not have any suspects at this time.

According to USA Today, Wan’s mother’s best friend Hilda Alayeto talked about the budding rappers’ positive personality and warm demeanor.

“He liked to make people laugh and smile,” Alayeto said. “Dawan was very lovable. He’s always the kid to hug you, to make sure you are OK. He was almost like a big teddy bear.”

Wan’s manager Bagzz also only had positive things to say about him, likening him to a young Notorious B.I.G. “He was the type of young guy who could get in the grown people’s club and perform and rock the whole club. Sometimes everything is so uptight when you’re making music, and he would just come and loosen people up,” Bagzz said. “He was just so humble. He just picked up on everything and he never disagreed. He listened. He was just focused on really making it.”

Big Wan exploded onto the rap scene with his breakout song “Fast Lane Lifestyle,” an example of the promise he had as an artist.