Nearly two years after teaming up with 2 Chainz on the collaborative single “Go Crazy,” Megan Thee Stallion and Big Sean are being sued for copyright infringement. 1501 Certified Entertainment, 300 Entertainment, and Universal Music Publishing are also named in the suit.

According to court documents obtained by Complex, Duawn Payne (Go Hard Major) and Harrell James (H-Matic) have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Megan and Sean, claiming the pair ripped off their 2012 song “Krazy.” The pair is arguing that Megan’s “Go Crazy” has a “strikingly similar” chorus, as well as identical timing and melodic sequence, to their song. 

2 Chainz, who featured alongside the Detroit rapper on the track, which appeared on Megan’s 2020 album Good News, isn’t named in the suit.

Go Hard Major and H-Matic, both artists from Detroit, dropped “Krazy” on the music platform ReverbNation. They also said they handed out CDs featuring the track and performed “Krazy” at multiple nightclubs in Detroit, which, of course, is Big Sean’s hometown. 

“The sale of thousands of physical copies of CD’s featuring the Copyrighted Work on the streets of West Detroit and the parking lots of hip hop clubs in West Detroit frequented by [Big Sean] provide further access of the Copyrighted Work to Defendants,” the lawsuit states. “Due to the striking similarity between the Infringing Work and the Copyrighted Work, the wide dissemination of the Copyrighted Work, and the access to the Copyrighted Work by [Big Sean], Defendants each had a reasonable opportunity to hear Plaintiffs’ Copyrighted Work prior to the creation of the Infringing Work..”

Go Hard Major and H-Matic are seeking unspecified damages for copyright infringement. The pair also said a cease and desist letter was sent to Megan and Sean in March.