Love must be in the air for Megan Thee Stallion

On early Monday morning, Megan Thee Stallion took to Twitter where she started to playfully flirt with fellow hip-hop queen, Yung Miami.

“I was too shy to tell her in person,” she wrote. “but @YungMiami305 I wanna date.”

Yung Miami quickly replied, letting Megan know that the feeling is mutual.

“I been wanted you too, so what’s up?” the rapper said in a quote tweet. From there, the conversation turned more cryptic with the two entertainers exchanging emojis.

Despite their flirtatious tweets, both Yung Miami and Megan Thee Stallion are in relationships. Last week, Megan made it clear that this year’s installment of Hot Girl Summer was still in effect even though she’s dating rapper Pardison Fontaine. She also praised Pardison for helping her strengthen her communication and showing her what a healthy relationship looks like. 

Producer Southside and Yung Miami also showed their love for each other last week, but it wasn’t as calm and collected as Pardi and Megan. After Lil Uzi Vert—who is dating the other City Girl, JT—had an awkward exchange with Yung Miami on Instagram Live, Southside took it upon himself to defend the mother of his child.

Then, after challenging Uzi to a boxing match, he turned his attention to Kodak Black. Since he was already out the window, he decided to rehash an issue he had with Black stemming from the way Black treated Yung Miami. 

“Yak, you still a bitch,” Southside said. “We can bump, too. I’ll be back in Miami in a week. Pull up wherever, we can bump. Don’t bring no security.” 

The freshly released Kodak brushed off the challenge, claiming to be focused on making more hits.