Lizzo has constantly had to battle bullies and trolls on the internet who make rude comments about her body. So when someone made a distasteful remark while she was on Instagram Live recently, the rapper decided to give them a piece of her mind, and body, by mooning the feed.

“Kiss my fat Black ass, bitch,” the rapper emphatically says after pulling down her pants and twerking for her Live. Later on, she does it again after someone else likely made another mean comment.

“Kiss my fucking asshole!” Lizzo said. “Just for that you can kiss my whole ass again,” 

Lizzo has been an advocate for body positivity. The rapper recently did a TED Talk a few weeks ago about the history of twerking and how she learned to love her body.

“I used to hate my ass, believe it or not,” Lizzo says during the TED. “I have my father’s shape and my mother’s thighs, so it’s big, and long. I used to think that only asses like J.Lo’s or Beyoncé’s could be famous. I never thought that could happen to me.”

She went on to explain how twerking helped her realize that she loved her shape.

“I grew up in an era where having a big ass wasn’t mainstream,” she said. “How did this happen? Twerking. Through the movement of twerking, I realized that my ass is my greatest asset. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my TED Twerk.”

You can watch Lizzo’s full TED Talk down below.