Lil Uzi Vert isn’t satisfied with just making great music, he’s ready to take things to the next level. 

During a recent Instagram Live session, Uzi revealed that he’s gearing up to release another album. Yet, instead of focusing on making music that’ll live in this moment, Uzi is trying to cement himself as a legend. 

“Bro, I’mma drop an album bro. I’m not gon’ lie, I’mma go so hard,” Uzi said to his followers. “Everybody that doubted me, I’m still gonna accept y’all right back. …. I’m not even gonna say this shit is hard because I don’t even know what’s hard no more. This shit going to be legendary though. I know that.”

Lil Uzi might be concerned about elevating himself to a legendary status, but he’s already an icon to a lot of his fans. Uzi has been setting trends that have changed the face of music since he came into the game. Most notably, Uzi was the first artist to revamp the deluxe album trend. This and other contributions to music’s sound and aesthetic make Uzi a pillar of this generation. Yet, to Uzi, he’s seemingly ready to approach music from a more honest and genuine place now that his goals and current lifestyle align. 

“I wasn’t capping about that. … I really be on that. I don’t have to cap,” Uzi continued. “I used to have to cap because my shit wasn’t together. … I used to cap when I was broke. I ain’t got to cap no more. And I mean broke in spirit too. I ain’t talking my money. I used to cap when I was broke.”