UPDATED 5/4, 10:43 a.m. ET: The Associated press obtained a felony complaint filed by Los Angeles prosecutors against the five people arrested in the robbery of Lady Gaga’s bulldogs and the attempted murder of her dog walker. Three men were arrested for the incident itself, while two more were arrested as accomplices.

According to authorities, the Lady Gaga of it all was just a coincidence. The three men, James Jackson, 18; Jaylin White, 19; and Lafayette Whaley, 27, were allegedly driving around L.A. specifically looking for French bulldogs, which can be lucrative on the black market. Also charged were the aforementioned accomplices, including the woman who returned the dogs to police and claimed to have found them tied to a poll. She was allegedly in a relationship with one of the purported gang members involved in the robbery. 

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Multiple people have been arrested for their connection to the kidnapping of Lady Gaga’s two French Bulldogs and the shooting of the entertainer’s dog walker, TMZ reports.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the suspects were arrested on a host of charges including attempted murder and robbery on Thursday. Police obtained video of the dogs being dropped off in the alley where they were found and the footage was used to identify the alleged dognappers. 

Lady Gaga’s dogs were returned to the singer after she offered a $500,000 reward to whoever found them. Yet, she was reportedly advised by police not to pay out the reward until they concluded their investigation. This proved to be fruitful advice since the police believe that the woman who “found” the dogs was in on the scheme to steal that Frenchies and has also been arrested.

Lady Gaga’s two French Bulldogs, Koji and Gustav, were stolen in February while her dogwalker was talking them for a stroll at night. During the robbery, the singer’s dog walker Ryan Fischer was shot. He has since been released from the hospital, but it is assumed that his shooting has resulted in the attempted murder charges. 

Initially, police thought the crime was some sort of gang initiation. Now they think the suspects actually work for and/or operate a large dog-stealing ring that targets luxury dogs like those that were taken.