Kodak Black is again speaking out about his recent arrest in Florida, saying the behavior of police amounts to “character assassination.”

As previously reported, Kodak was released from jail on bond earlier this month after initially being arrested during a traffic stop police claimed was due to window tints and an expired tag. Charges, per NBC 6 South Florida, were later determined to include possessing a controlled substance without a prescription and trafficking oxycodone.

Kodak’s lawyer Bradford Cohen later told TMZ his client had legally been prescribed oxycodone due to chronic pain. Last week, Cohen was reported to have given proof of such prescriptions to prosecutors.

On Tuesday, Kodak called the ongoing situation “bogus” and questioned why he was “harassed” by law enforcement.

“This a character assassination issue,” Kodak, who also threatened to sue “for every dollar I gotta spend bout this shit,” said in one tweet.

Kodak also said he’s being “racially profiled,” adding that he deserves freedom, particularly when considering what he’s done for his community.

“I show all this love round here just to get slapped in the face,” he told fans. See more below.

Complex has reached out to Kodak’s lawyer for additional comment. Amid initial reports of the arrest earlier this month, Cohen urged the public to “never judge a case based on an arrest,” adding that he and his client would be working to “quickly” resolve this particular situation.