After trading shots at one another, Kodak Black and his former collaborator Jackboy have given further insight into their issues.

In a post on his Instagram story, Kodak implied that the two are beefing over contractual and legal matters. First he went on instagram Live and said there was an offer for them to record a project together, which came up while he was behind bars. He reiterated his desire to make such a project and said he’s happy to work with him even if they don’t like each other.

“I wanna do an ep wit my lil bra & get some mo money out these folks, you can still be who you think you is nobody tryna belittle you I understand the money got to your ehad and your feel like you outgrew yo position of being my homie now but we can still get money without you being round me everyday,” he wrote. “This is what made you, why turn your back from it???? It ain’t like this concept wasn’t working.”

He proceeded to share a picture of a legal complaint filed by Jackboy against Kodak’s label, Sniper Gang LLC. “My n***a put da courts in our business but tryna flip script on me like I’m tripping,” he wrote. “It ain’t too late I’ll forgive you for everything just kill all this sucka shit & let’s get this money! Kuz this ain’t the look… I miss yo ass boy.”

In his response to Kodak’s claims, Jackboy denied filing the lawsuit. “N***a you [cap emoji] dats why I’m not tryna hang show da whole paper you suing me & I’m on da defense,” he wrote, although the picture Kodak shared showed Jackboy as the plaintiff. “Chill out with the fake posting shit I’m tryna show da real you.” 

As for the proposition to do an EP together, he added, “How we gone do a EP when you tryna block my motion… it’s not about the money it’s the principle.” He proceeded to tell Kodak to “stop moving funny,” and questioned why he would sue his former friend. “Wtf Imma get from suing you [facepalm emoji] I thought you said I owe you not you owe me.” 

This isn’t the first time Kodak has suggested the two put aside their differences, but it is the first time he’s mentioned such a lawsuit involving Jackboy. The details of the lawsuit are unclear at this time.