Yung Miami Name-Drops Diddy, Megan Thee Stallion, and More in New Track and Video "Rap Freaks"

City Girls rapper Yung Miami has just dropped her wild new song and visual “Rap Freaks,” which sees her name-drop some of the biggest artists in hip-hop.

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City Girls rapper Yung Miami has just released her new song and visual “Rap Freaks,” which sees her name-drop some of the biggest artists in the game

Fresh off the release of her Quavo collaboration “Strub the Ground,” Yung Miami’s latest is a sex-positive track that sees her reference everyone from Diddy to Meek Mill. “Sit on Megan face, ride it like a stallion,” Miami raps. “Tryna go ‘Baby on Baby,’ if I could fuck ’em both, that’ll be crazy/Future need to come and find this pussy like he Dora/Real hood bitch, I ain’t nothing like Lori.”

During an Instagram Live stream following the release of “Rap Freaks,” Megan—who’s playfully flirted with Yung Miami online before—gave her thoughts on the track while laughing about the lyrics. “Why would she say that?” she laughed. “This bitch Miami rhymes ‘roaches’ with ‘buenas noches. This girl really funny.”

Megan Thee Stallion reacts to one of Yung Miami verses on her new song, “Rap Freaks”:

“This b*tch Miami rhymes ‘roaches’ with ‘buenas noches’.”

— Buzzing Pop (@BuzzingPop) October 29, 2021

Accompanied by a semi-NSFW music video that sees Miami bound and leather-clad, “Rap Freaks” doesn’t even hit the two-minute mark and still finds plenty of opportunity to make an impression. “I can’t even picture myself fuckin’ on Kodak/‘Many Men’ wanna suck this clit, but I want 50 Cent,” the City Girl spits. “Took a jet to a private island on a date with Diddy/I like bad boys, no ho shit, Diddy let me put it in your face like them roaches.”

Earlier this year, Miami was spotted on numerous occasions cozying up with Diddy. And on Friday, she tweeted the following:

On a private island with diddy 😅

— Yung Miami (@YungMiami305) October 29, 2021

Speaking to Billboard about “Rap Freaks” and its various references, Miami said, “The song is showing love to all the rappers right now, it’s nothing personal. I [named] a bunch of the guys who are on top, that’s hot, that’s poppin’. Nothing is personal, nothing is literal, I’m just having fun.”

Check out Yung Miami’s latest video above and stream the track below.

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