Kenny Mason dropped off Strays 02 on Wednesday, a nearly 12 minute video featuring the Atlanta rapper performing tracks live from his 2020 debut album Angelic Hoodrat and its extended 2021 edition Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut, which was released in April and featured appearances from Freddie Gibbs, Denzel Curry, and others. 

Mason shared the first installment in his Strays series back in September of 2020. You can check that out below.

Speaking to Complex about the title of his debut album Angelic Hoodrat, Mason pointed out that it’s a line from one of his songs.

“I thought it was something cool to say at first, I ain’t going to lie,” he said. “I didn’t think too hard about it. It just fit my aesthetic as an artist. Then me and my homeboy were listening to songs that could potentially go on the album. That song came up in rotations, and he was like, that line would be cool for a title. But that’s not a good enough reason for me to make it a title, so I had to really internalize what I feel like it means.” 

He continued, “I think it’s the coolest possible way to explain the duality of myself and to relate that duality to everybody. Everybody got a yin and yang. I definitely feel like I’ve got an angelic side, and I’ve got a hoodrat side. This whole album is about the conflict that sometimes comes about in living your life. There’s a time to be an angel, and there’s a time to be a hoodrat.”

Watch the video for Strays 02, which was directed by Nasser Boulaich, up top via YouTube and head here to cop merch from the rapper’s website.