The artist formerly known as Kanye West is back on Twitter

“Testing Testing Seeing if my Twitter is unblocked,” Ye wrote in a tweet posted on Sunday. 

West also tweeted the word “shalom,” a Hebrew greeting. 

West was locked out of his Twitter account after posting the now infamous tweet in which he vowed to go “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.” The tweet was considered a violation of the platform’s policies. Access to his Instagram account was also restricted prior to Twitter acting in a similar fashion. 

Several brands cut ties with West in response to his series of anti-Semitic remarks. After Adidas terminated its Yeezy deal, Forbes reported Ye was “no longer a billionaire,” as his net worth plummeted to $400 million. While everyone seemed to be turning their back on Kanye, Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk has welcomed back the disgraced rapper to the platform with open arms, even responding to his tweet. 

Musk didn’t receive the same response from Donald Trump after reinstating his Twitter account. According to Reuters, Trump seemed like he was going to remain on Truth Social, the social media platform he founded. “I don’t see any reason for it,” he said when asked about a possible return to Twitter during a panel at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual leadership meeting.

Only time will tell if Twitter can withstand Elon’s string of sweeping internal changes to the platform.