Kanye West has once again been forced to clarify his recent viral post about ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s alleged bathroom habits. 

Earlier this week, a doctored photo circulated social media in which Ye opened up about Kim suffering from frequent diarrhea. “Kim has diarrhea a lot,” the message read. “Like way more than a normal person should have it.”

Kanye subsequently clarified that the post was fake, writing, “This was not from me. Someone copied my style of text and wrote something not funny.”

However, that didn’t stop an old nemesis of Ye’s from calling him out, as 50 Cent took to Instagram on Friday and reposted the Donda rapper’s alleged fake post. “What the fuck made you do this, smh,” Fif captioned the photo. “Not liquor, nah. That boy on dat branson!”

It didn’t take long before Kanye responded to 50’s post, once again denying that he was the one who wrote the bizarre message. “I ain’t wrote this bro,” West replied.

Kanye’s response arrives a day after he announced plans to squash many outstanding beefs, including those Ye has with Pete Davidson, Kid Cudi, and Adidas Senior Vice President/General Manager Daniel Cherry.

“Life is precious…Releasing all grudges today…Leaning into the light,” he wrote in a since-deleted post. “Best wishes and blessings to Pete, Cudi, and Daniel [Cherry].”

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